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JIVEからの最終リリースとなった全16曲入りのベスト。BDP時代の"SOUTH BRONX"、"BRIDGE IS OVER"等の古典からソロ期の"OUTTA HERE"、"MC'S ACT~"までを収録した必聴盤!!

A-1 Boogie Down Productions/My Philosophy
A-2 Boogie Down Productions/I'm Still #1
A-3 Boogie Down Productions/South Bronx
A-4 KRS-One/Sound Of Da Police
B-1 Boogie Down Productions/Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)
B-2 KRS-One/Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight)
B-3 Boogie Down Productions/You Must Learn
B-4 Boogie Down ProductionsJack Of Spades
C-1 Boogie Down Productions/The Bridge Is Over
C-2 Boogie Down Productions/Jimmy
C-3 Boogie Down Productions/Criminal Minded
C-4 KRS-One Black Cop
D-1 KRS-One/MC's Act Like They Don't Know
D-2 Boogie Down Productions/Why Is That?
D-3 KRS-One/Outta Here
D-4 Boogie Down Productions/Essays On BDP-ISM


condition VG
label JIVE
country US
format 2LP
released 2000